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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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Perhaps it would be interesting to note that “otherkin” (the term) seems absent from the FAQ. Dragons are not described as otherkin there. Thinking about how dragons back then used to be more their own community and not as much part of the otherkin one like today.

I think it’s important to stress these history bits, and not sort-of rewrite history by erasing them. House of Chimeras probably have more to say on the subject.

That’s true. You’re right, I should probably be more careful about things like that.

While maintaining kintype-specific forums to this day, the Draconity community has been describing itself as part of the otherkin community for a very long time now.  From mailing lists such as realdragon and truewyrm, to websites such as draconic.com and draconity.org, and even back to alt.fan.dragons and alfandria.  And while it’s true that the FAQ doesn’t mention the term otherkin, Baxil’s page on Draconity which links to the FAQ does: “Draconity is part of a larger phenomenon variously called “therianthropy” (from the Greek word roots therion, beast, and anthropos, human) or “Otherkin” (a created word referring to the community of those who are other than human in spirit). Resources like otherkin.net are also available to help explain the broader idea, and Raki’s Draconity Resource Project is another good starting point.”  Variations upon this text have been part of the site since 2003.  So I’m not sure what you seem to think is being erased or re-written.

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Reminder: Weekly otherkin chat starting at 8pm EST, irc://irc.mibbit.net/dreamhart Webclient here: http://ow.ly/9xCi4