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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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That is one instance. 

Otherkin asking to be taken seriously, or for others to accommodate their needs, or to support them, is not as simple as asking society to accept barking/ growling. 

Did you not read swanblood’s earlier post today, claiming that asking someone to control barking at work is ableism?  That is what I’m referring to.

It’s also not really fair to make the assumption that all otherkin can learn to easily deal with their mental shifts. On therian boards, there are whole posts addressing that topic, so it is difficult to really say it is so easy and still be accurate. 

Considering the sheer number of otherkin and therians who hold down jobs and manage to go through the day without barking/growling/speaking in elvish/etc I’m going to have to disagree.  If it was particularly difficult to learn to do, we’d be hearing on lists and forums about the large numbers of otherkin/therians who can’t hold down jobs because of it.  We don’t.  Telling the folks here on tumblr that not everyone can learn to control their mental shifts, and that it’s ok if you can’t, and that anyone who thinks you should is being “ableist”?  That’s promoting an extremely unhealthy mindset and actively encouraging dysfunction.

Let’s say an otherkin person does struggle to deal with their mental shifts. Would it be unreasonable for them to ask friends, family, and others to consider that? To say, ‘I apologize that my behaviour might make you uncomfortable, but I struggle to conduct myself otherwise, and I would appreciate that you support me in that and not condemn me.’? 

It depends on what they are actually doing to try to manage it.  If they are actually struggling with it but making an effort, including seeking professional help if that’s what it takes, then no it’s not unreasonable.  But if they’re asking for such accommodation without doing any self-work, and calling others “ableist” for expecting them to alter their own behavior?  Then yes, that’s unreasonable.  And the essence of being a special snowflake.

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