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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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So that’s it? We’re going to tuck tail and run now that we’ve been threatened?

I’m not going anywhere.  It’s just a troll, and not even close to the nastiest I’ve seen.  It’s roughly in the same league as tireanavi on livejournal.

In my time in the community, I’ve seen much worse.  I’ve seen a troll that spammed every mod of every major otherkin list, posting their email addresses and even real-life contact information in fake ads for sexual favors on usenet and other locations.  Some of those ads are still up to this day.

That same troll also created a fake “memorial” website for an otherkin who’d committed suicide.  The purpose of that site?  To troll the biological brother, less than a year after his death, because he was banned from the brother’s mailing list.

Those are the kind of trolls that are out there.  And you know what?  The otherkin community survived.  Before them, it survived the Meowers attacking alt.horror.werewolves in the original Usenet Wars.  Later, it would survive Anti-Fluff Special Weapons And Tactics Task Force (AFSWATTF) and Permanent, SomethingAwful, Portal of Evil, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and others.  This is bush-league compared to most of them.

Somehow, I think we’ll survive the little yellow snowball too.