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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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Starting to wonder if some of the self-identified “fictives”, as tumblr has come to use the term, are what once would have been considered “soulbonds” rather than fictionkin/mediakin/otakukin.  And yes, admittedly the line has always been somewhat blurry.




First link is a 404.

Secondly, for us, we’re not in contact, they reside in my headspace.

An extra space got inserted at the end of the link.  Delete it and the link should work fine.  As for the headspace vs in contact distinction, from what I’ve seen of the soulbonding community that really isn’t unusual.  From the soulbonding.net website:

How is functional multiplicity different from soulbonding? That’s a tricky question, and really one that you must decide for yourself. I admit I do not really have a quick, concise answer for it. Put bluntly, it isn’t all that different. In both cases, a person is sharing his or her mind with headmates who may front on occasion, and in both cases, this does not cause major problems in the person’s life.

(via candyhornshipster)