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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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That is just a short little thought. I think a lot of people ignorant about Otherkin, especially teens and those who “want” to become Otherkin think that we are free from human life. Well, we aren’t free from human life. We are a part of it because we just happen to be in human bodies. So because of that, and because we live in human society, we have to deal with human things too. So that means…

Otherkin have to pay bills, put gas in cars, own a home, go to school and work, raise a family (if one desires to do so), deal with idiots, get angry, buy groceries, and do all those little human things that make up human life. But also, us Otherkin have to deal with the bad things such as getting sick, getting in car wrecks, dealing with threats, thefts and other harms, deal with the deaths of loved ones, get depressed and smash their computer when it disobeys. Otherkin do human things too!

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