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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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Fictive: A person from fictional sources, who is adopted into the mindspace of another person… Having fictive persons in the group is a form of hosting. (Astraea’s Web Glossary)

FictionKin: Someone who believes they have the soul or identity of a fictional character.  (Soulbonding.net Glossary)

There’s actually much less of a divide between the two terms than some would like to believe.  

Roger Ten and other members of Clan Ten, who first coined the term Otakukin and who were the first fictionkin to go public with their identities in the community, fit both definitions - they both considered themselves to have the souls of fictional characters and hosted others from the same fictional works.  

Otakukin was coined to refer to all of them, collectively.  Fictionkin/Mediakin later came into use to clarify that one didn’t need to be associated specifically with manga or anime.  

Fictives on the other hand seems to have largely been popularized as a term by multiples who have fictionkin headmates but otherwise don’t wish to be associated with the otherkin community, much like the original soulbonders.