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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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(buying it used on Amazon if I do, like how I get nearly all my books)

Any commentary about its helpfulness/informativeness/easy of readability (?)/etc. is welcomed!

- Nines

  1. ileanright answered: Any book would need to be comprehensive. It’s too easy to slip into a form of orthodoxy that ignores other interesting ideas.
  2. silveth reblogged this from salfarro and added:
    Although since what he does is “integrating resource”, any book so published would be almost instantly behind the source...
  3. jarandhel answered: I actually meant to reply rather than straight reblog: it’s the best book on the subject currently.
  4. coyoteisaboy answered: If nothing else, I bought it and was happy to read someone’s attempt to write about is in publication. Go in knowing we need more of this.
  5. frameacloud answered: I’ve read it many times. It’s a good reliable resource. I’m not just saying that because it mentions me.
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  7. thenameoftheworms answered: Can you share memories while reading because that makes it really easy :P
  8. kadalkin reblogged this from kadalkin and added:
    Welp I decided to go for it. Best of luck to me. - Nines Us. I want to read it too. - Mor
  9. candyhornshipster answered: I enjoyed it myself.
  10. somethingfeline answered: I haven’t read that particular book in full but I know at one point she had part of it online for free, like the totemism books though