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I read it many years ago. It was written by a (hypno! !)therapist, or at least with a ton of input from him since it features A LOT not from The Troops POV (in the 80s!) who made money from it based on therapy with a woman who showed no symptoms until after receiving therapy. The book also is peppered with ESP.

From what I can find about it, the book was written by the Troops without input from the therapist.  The parts apparently written from the therapist’s point of view were based on the Troops belief that they could read minds, including his.  A belief the therapist appears to have shared, as his response when questioned about it was that they read minds.  

Whether you believe this and other accounts of their ESP or not, it’s clear that they did and an accurate account of their experience would reflect that.  It also doesn’t seem to be the case that they presented no symptoms prior to therapy, at least judging by the reviews I’ve been reading - in fact, it indicates that they entered therapy in part because of their symptoms.  And the vast majority of their therapy sessions do not appear to have taken place under hypnosis - the main use of hypnosis mentioned by the reviewers is the creation of a holding area for examining negative memories without allowing them to affect the system.

It’s hard to prove if some things really did or did not happen, but it has a lot going against it.

 As I said, I haven’t read it myself, but the impression I get from reading the various reviews linked from Astraea’s Web (including the extensive review by Jay Young and Anthony Temple) is overall much more positive, and that the account is quite credible.  It’s even the first account to include details of common multiple experiences - cofronting and coawareness, though those terms were not used.  It was also the first to use the term “frontrunning”, a precursor to simply “fronting” which most multiples in the empowered multiplicity community use today.  Details like these make, to my mind, a strong case for taking the book seriously.

Also, I never had the impression that Truddi lived happily ever after.

That doesn’t strike me as a negative.  Which of us live happily ever after, in the real world?  I’d rather see an accurate account of a non-integrated multiple who lived successfully without integrating, but not “happily ever after”, than I would a fairy tale narrative with a happy ending.

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    That doesn’t strike me as a negative. Which of us live happily ever after, in the real world? I’d rather see an accurate...
  2. troubleeveryday said: hahaha just the nature that MPD or ‘multiples’ manifest due to extreme abuse (basis: not healthy) and kind of might not exist anyway but yeah basically deez people r fuqed.