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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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I’m just being a curious little bugger right now, and want to ask a question.

Do you, personally, classify Fictionkin as Otherkin? Or, better yet, do you believe the claims of Fictionkin to be legit?

I’m not saying if I do or don’t or any of that. Just curious.


Depends on the agriculture. Herding animals in the traditional manner is often nomadic. As is slash and burn agriculture.

For example: Mongolia.

Slash and burn agriculture is a rare exception to what i was talking about, done because of the poor soil quality in the region.  And memories of that sort of nomadism would be rather distinctive because they would involve slashing and burning forest to create fertile new cropland.  I should, however, have specified that I was referring to cultures based on raising crops rather than herding animals by “agrarian societies”, even though both are technically considered forms of agriculture.  Is there a term specifically for “societies that till fields, practice irrigation, raise crops, etc. as a primary food source”?