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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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Hey again! Time for another post! :D Hopefully I can keep this one short! Haha

Like most people, many otherkin are concerned with keeping up a good appearance. Some of you outsiders might think that they don’t, since they claim to be nonhuman in a world that will likely mock them for it. But it’s true! A lot of otherkin look down on ‘kin who yell about their hatred of humans, or claim to have godly powers, or plot some kind of war against mankind. They see these beliefs as childish, arrogant, pretentious, and annoying. Many otherkin have decided that their beliefs can gain legitimacy if they present themselves as calm, friendly individuals. They happily explain how different they are from you, and then honestly wonder why you still consider their “identities” upsetting.

“I wasn’t egotistical about it!” they think, “I simply explained that I was a very rare breed, an unusual being that was in tune with an identity very few share! I only informed this person of my own special challenges and triumphs! I wasn’t saying ‘I’m better than you!’ so what gives? Why are they so mad?” Some otherkin even conclude that the other person must just be closed-minded and unwilling to accept anyone who is different. Why else would a person reject such a story if it was told in such a friendly way?

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Am I the only otherkin that doesn’t mind these ideas?

Melted-snowflake is incredibly articulate, and nobody has to believe what I believe.
It’s fine.

Otherkin, we all need to stop being so upset by the opposing view. People do not have to believe you. People have the right to think everything you say is total crap. People have the right to say you are a special snowflake who needs to get in tune with the real world.

The ideas are not the problem.  The problem is that melted snowflake is trolling rather than arguing honestly against the subculture. This post, for instance, relies on the false premise that otherkin choose their identities.  All of her “articulate” arguments flow out of that premise.

I don’t think Melted-snowflake is a troll, so I’d suggest not calling them that. Just listen to what the other side thinks and stop being judgmental. 

Actually, it’s pretty clear that she is a troll.  She claims to have been a member of the otherkin community for years throughout high school and into college.  But when describing her experience in the community she talks about fighting otherkin erasure and discrimination and reassuring her bullied kin friends.  Thing is, otherkin pre-tumblr didn’t talk about erasure, discrimination, and bullying.  And the tumblr otherkin community hasn’t been around for “years” - the first post in the #otherkin tag was on February 14, 2011 by RogueSareth.  So there’s really no way for her claims to be true.  On top of that, she’s given clear signs of trolling by including statements like this:

“That was nice of you, but I don’t see why you interfered in human matters like that,” said a dragon.

Otherkin realize that we’re human too.  Nobody would have said that to her in response to her story about buying someone a new set of groceries after the previous ones were ruined.  More likely they would have asked why she was making such a big deal about it.  Why this was the first time in years she’d apparently helped anyone - being otherkin has never precluded that. 

Or, later in the same post:

“You’re a good being, Snowflake,” a werewolf said, “if only I had someone like you when I was driven from my village for being a “monster”“

That’s a caricature of a wolf therian, not something one would actually say. 

Besides, if you’re secure in your identity, this talk shouldn’t bother you. 

The problem with trolling like melted-snowflake’s isn’t that it makes us insecure in our identities.  It’s that it presents a false image of the otherkin community to those who are not part of it and don’t know any better.  It’s really no different from the "ex-pagans" who go around fundamentalist circles talking about how they used to be devil worshipers but have now seen the light.   

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