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The president can’t do jack shit about gay marriage? Did you know that’s left up to the states?

If you’re voting based on Obama “supporting” gay marriage, you’re an idiot and you’re wasting your vote and time.

Btw, before this election, Obama opposed gay marriage. You people are making this way too easy for him.

Did you know that he’s already taken actions which will make it easier for gay marriage to become the law of the land the same way that interracial marriage became the law of the land - through the court system?  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/05/obamas-legal-progression-on-defense-of-marriage-act/  Did you know that he took that action in February 2011, well before this election?  Did you know that his party, as a whole, is running on a platform of legalizing gay marriage wheras the Republican party, as a whole, is running on a platform of “defending marriage” from the evils of homosexuality ?  To the point that Republicans in Congress have mounted their own legal defense of DOMA after Obama’s Justice Department found it unconstitutional and declined to continue its defense?  If the right to marry the partner of your choice is important to you, and you’re not voting for Obama and the Democrats in this election, you’re an idiot and you’re voting against you own interests.

Btw, before this election Romney supported gay marriage.  He promised the gay community that he would be a better and stronger advocate for them than Ted Kennedy, and promised to be a champion for “full equality” for gays and lesbians during his campaign for Senate in 1994.  So it seems while Obama’s views on the issue have evolved, Romney’s have sadly devolved.

Altogether, Romney and the Republicans have made our choice an easy one.  Forward, for equal rights for everyone, or back to the days before Loving v Virginia when the original arguments regarding the “sanctity of marriage” were raised.  Perhaps you should speak to your party’s platform writers about who’s making it too easy for Obama?

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    I can’t even explain how perfect this post is. I support gay rights 100% and I also support Romney.
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    Still couldn’t get the stupid link to work. but here is an article from the huffington post: BOSTON — A battle over a...
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    At this time, there is no constitutional amendment stating marriage is between a man and a woman at a federal level. The...
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    Yes, it always makes me laugh when I see the post “and now gays can marry, thanks obama.” Obama only said he changed his...
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    Gay marriage is only one of the issues. Of course people know the legalization of gay marriage in the whole of America...
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    People think that the president has anything to do with the decision of gay marriage/abortion, because people are so...
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