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Hi everyone, this is just a quick reminder to let you all know that the next Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup will take place on August 10, 2013 at Meaza on Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA.  
At this time, 6 people have RSVPed for the event including one coming from as far away as Philadelphia.  9 others have said they may be coming.  So this is looking to be one of our larger meetups.

We’ll be starting at 6pm, and going until at least 8pm possibly later if people want to.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend, so we can have an accurate count to give the wait staff for our table(s).  You can reach me at jarandhel@gmail.com as always, or via instant messenger: I’m TrickstersSon on AIM and jarandhel@gmail.com on Google talk.  I have a smart phone again, so last minute RSVPs are ok, and rides from the metro can be arranged if necessary but the more notice on that sort of thing the better.

Also, just in case you have trouble finding us when you get there, here is a link to a page with a photo of me so you can recognize me: http://anotherwiki.org/wiki/Jarandhel_Dreamsinger  The restaurant staff will not know what you are talking about if you ask them about an otherkin meetup, they just know us as a group of friends who eat there together. Our general policy is discretion, and not involving the staff or other patrons in our spirituality without their consent.

Hope to see folks there!


Okay, so, been quite a while since I’ve last posted. Let this be a lesson to those who thought I’d adhere to a constant schedule. I shall disappoint you on that as I am very very….very bad at doing things like this.

Now, today I shall talk a bit on the four (4) different types of Angelical Otherkin Beings. First we will go with the standard Angelkin.
Angelkin are reincarnated “Loyalist” angels whom have not fallen. They run from your a-typical vision of an Angel, to the scary-ass types not normally thought of. To me, they get to be a bit preachy, but not anywhere near as annoying as the Born-again Christians that you get from the humans. Angelkin more just personally remember their God but are still a hell of a lot more tolerant than Human Christians are.
There are alot of different classes of Angels, beyond the hierarchy going from Angels to Named Archangles, such as Death Angels. (this goes for Fallen Angels too)
From what I could gather, Angelkin are incarnated here to either learn something, experience something they are missing or to do something specifically.

Fallen-Angelkin are Fallen-Angels whom have reincarnated. They used to be Loyalist Angels, but at some point, for some reason, they had “Fallen” from Heaven. Not all where kicked out - alot voluntarily left, and not all where sent to hell. Some fell to other Realms and some even ended up on Earth. The  reason to WHY they fell are varied, some are from one of the Great Heavenly Wars (I.E. Lucifer’s fall) others are from breaking Heavenly Laws, others just because they wanted to. You’d have to ask one to know why they fell.
It seems that alot of them experience a bit of amnesia for during their time before falling, some fully cannot remember their time in Heaven, just that they started there, and others can remember pretty much all. I think it comes with how long ago they fell and how old they are.
Fallen Angels are not all evil, alot just disagreed with Heaven. Not to say all are good with a bit of a bad side, there are alot of evil mofo’s out there, just not all are.
They seem to reincarnate here more for the experience, or to change how they are in order to, in some cases where they where kicked out, to redeem themselves to have a chance at reentering heaven (doesn’t seem all too popular of a reason) or because they have something to do here.

The third one is the Nephilim kin-type. Seems to be extremely rare, Nephilim are originally the hybrid offspring of Angels and Humans. They pretty much are considered an abomination by most angels (my kind doesn’t care as far as I know as we travelled around and had a more open mind) and are the reason for the Second Fall, when the Gregori choir decided to do the horizontal dance with some humans, which was forbidden.
As I have no solid information on them I hope there’s one or two that reads this that can fill in the gaps… or just talk… whatever they’d like
I have pretty much no experience with them as they seem to be as rare as my kintype, which is coming up next :

Dark-Angelkin seem to be a blanket term for beings much like myself whom where never under any God, never served a master or a higher being, and are not aligned to any side or cause beyond our own.
Dark-Angelkin are not actual Angels, just similar enough to use the term for others to get a grasp on us.
My race are ones that where created during a Primordial Conflict that predates the creation of any other Angelical type race. We where probably an accidental creation that just sprang up during the Conflict, and as such found our own way with no guidance. (As you can surmise, I’m just using the term because there’s really nothing else to call my kind)
There are other groups that are just Angels that never had to serve and wasn’t created but came from different evolutionary paths that just became mercenaries, and some that just randomly sprung up in the cosmos. It happens, rarely, but still happens. There are some other groups out there, but there are not alot of us.
Now, my group does not have the different hierarchy that other angelical systems have. There is no leader, or higher or lower ones. We didn’t really stay around eachother long enough to have a culture or a system like that beyond meeting up when we come across eachother and perhaps joining up for certain things, like fighting for a certain war or cause or jut to help with whatever the other is doing. Or we just ignore eachother… there isn’t really any standard.

One last thing, on wings… the colour of wings mean nothing at all to distinguish if one is a fallen, nephilhim, loyalist, dark, or any of them. Wings cannot be used to distinguish between them. They can be any style or type or colour in any type (fallen, dark, loyalist and nephilhim.)

Actually, since I’m the person who runs the angelkin mailing list, I can assure you that all of the above are just termed angelkin in the community.  They’re considered one type of a class of beings termed “celestials”. Fallen is an adjective, not a separate kintype, and what you term “dark angelkin” here would likely fall under celestials since “angel” specifically means “messenger” and you stated you guys don’t serve any gods or higher powers so you’re obviously not acting as anyone’s messengers.

You’re correct as regards wing color, though.  There is no correlation between fallen or unfallen status, being nephilim, being celestial, etc. and wing color.

Freshly updated.  Removed some defunct resources, added new ones, added some links to wiki areas that list further resources (particularly the gathers section.)

Since the March anniversary of AnOtherWiki I haven’t really been doing much with it beyond updating the event listings.  Frankly, it took a lot of work to meet the target number of articles on time, and I needed a bit of a break and a breather to work on other projects.  That break is now over, and I’m again beginning work in earnest on the wiki. 

One change, perhaps the biggest, is that AnOtherWiki is no longer hosted on a subdomain of Dreamhart.org but rather has its own domain: AnOtherWiki.org  All old urls should properly forward to their respective articles on the new domain; if there are any problems with that please let me know.

Another is that I have, for now, decided to remove the Featured Article section.  In time that may be restored, but I think that the random article links and the did you know section adequately showcase the contents of the wiki at present.  Besides, with no one nominating articles to be featured the selection has been somewhat arbitrary.  I’d like to save featured articles for when it can actually mean something and stand as an achievement for an article to be showcased that way.

I’m also making a push towards getting more community involvement in the wiki.  At this time I’ve sent out some messages asking groups and individuals if they would be interested in writing articles for the wiki about their kintypes.  So far I’ve approached windigowaks, Tuatha de Danaan, Brinn/Kon’yrii, and Leannan Sidhe.  I’ve also asked the fivetrees mailing list if anyone there would be interested in writing an article about Guardians for the wiki, as there has been a good bit of overlap between the two communities in the past.  I’ll probably be approaching others soon - I’m going to see if I can find current contacts for polymorphs and Rissti, for instance.

We could also use a lot of help cataloging otherkin websites and other resources, writing about influential persons and groups, making a glossary of community jargon and terms from remembered languages, and just generally expanding the content we have.  We’ve planted the seeds of a great encyclopedia by, for, and about our community.  Now let’s help it grow.




anybody else thinks sometimes the energy of his soul is to powerful for his body? especially directing at angels here. whenever my wings or heads or astral limbs were very clear and good to feel, i got nosebleeds. out of nowhere. so strong that i actually had to get…

That’s not quite how it works in the christian paradigm.  The christian paradigm works off of authority.  Sure, somewhere there is some “power” backing the authority, but a body does not need to contain the full charge to wield the authority.  Christ, as many of us believe it, was God manifesting as a human.  Christ was not bursting at the seems with godly power, but he DID have full authority to command things. 

And yet, Mark 5:25-34 seems to indicate that Christ was so bursting at the seams with godly power that merely touching his clothes was sufficient to heal a woman.  Mark 5:30 states “And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?”  In the original greek, the word translated as “virtue” was δύναμιν - literally, power.


anybody else thinks sometimes the energy of his soul is to powerful for his body? especially directing at angels here. whenever my wings or heads or astral limbs were very clear and good to feel, i got nosebleeds. out of nowhere. so strong that i actually had to get sent to the hospital once.
hey, just guessing here.

I would find it doubtful.  Particularly for Judeo-Christian angels.  In that belief system, a human body managed to contain the essence of God without exploding or experiencing other ill effects.  Even nosebleeds.  It seems somewhat arrogant to suggest that the essence of one of His angels would be too powerful for it, in comparison.

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