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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I was reading about otherkin history yesterday (there are so many stray links around I couldn't tell you the site, it could have been that timeline), and it said some elves were spawned after reading the Silmarillion. Being that that's a work of fiction, wouldn't those elves be considered fictive?
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

That’d depend on whether they believe themselves to be Tolkien elves from Middle Earth or not.  If they do, then they’re fictionkin by definition (fictives are slightly different and involve multiplicity - they’re what used to be known as “soulbonds”).  If they don’t, it’s possible they were just inspired by similarities between Tokien’s work and what they remember, such as the admitted similarities between Tolkien’s elves and the Norse Álfar.


(reposted from its original source here. Original post date 1/17/2010, by me)

When I saw James Cameron’s Avatar, I knew for a fact that it was going to awaken at least some people; possibly a lot of people. The movie had a lot of elements that help trigger an awakening: powerful visual imagery; unearthly flora and fauna, even transhuman spirituality. And enough people saw it that odds are, if there were slumbering Avatar-kin out there, they were going to see it, and be moved by it.

Its obvious to me at least that the more people exposed to something the more likely it is that one of them will turn out to be kin of it; not because seeing it makes them kin, but because they were already out there, but didn’t know who they were until they saw it.

Unfortunately, the more people exposed to something generally means the more popular it is, and the more popular it is the more Taboo it becomes to believe you’re kin of it. People accuse you of jumping onto a bandwagon, or worse, being ‘flavor of the week’ kin, or only saying that you’re kin because the work is popular.

Don’t think that this is only a problem for fictionkin/otakukin either; more traditional otherkin run into it as well. You can not tell me with a straight face that there weren’t a huge number of Elf-kin awakenings precipitated in the wake of the release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was there, and I know they were. Oh most of them won’t admit that it was LOTR that triggered their memories, even if they don’t believe they’re Tolkien elves, but simply received the first mental ‘push’ from there; because to do so would be to be mocked and ostracized. Why? To maintain some thin veneer of otherkin ‘legitimacy’.

The fact is that works, even myths and legends, become popular because they excite strong emotions in the people who are exposed to them. Strong emotions in someone who really has an undiscovered past life are the thing that is most likely to trigger them to remember it. Very few kin manage to rediscover their identities without some kind of exposure to material that is similar to their other self. This is NORMAL; this is natural.

Suddenly waking up when you’re 16 and remembering that you were an [insert kintype here] without first being exposed to stories and descriptions of [insert kintype here] is frankly weird! Why? Because these are really things that we’re not supposed to remember, or else EVERYONE would remember them naturally. Being a kin means one thing, you have emotional issues and unfinished business attached to your past self that you are incapable of getting over. Spontaneous memories means that those issues are so close to the surface even a new self can’t even start the healing process. Normally the past identity is buried by the new one, only to be triggered when a kin is exposed to ideas that cut through the new self and remind them of what was before.

The more people see a movie, the more likely it is to reach someone for whom it hits too close to home. I have little doubt that some of those awakened by Avatar are on only the start of their spiritual journeys and will turn out to have been elves, or wild fae, werefolk, etc, just as many of those awakened by LOTR eventually and through much exploration found out more about what had been reality for them, and maybe it wasn’t exactly like Tolkien’s writing. But for some of them, that first burst of enlightenment really was the truth. Legolas is out there- hoping to the high heavens that no one calls him on it.

Something being new and popular does not make kin of it more unlikely. Likewise, something being obscure and repulsive doesn’t make being kin of it more legitimate; it just makes it sound more legitimate because of the way humans in a society think. Every kin who sincerely believes who he is deserves the benefit of the doubt, no matter what or how recent his origins. If Twilight depicted more traditional, relatable vampires, I have no doubt we’d be seeing more vampire kin right now, like when Anne Rice’s books were popular. It’s not even about people being from these works; it’s about being exposed to new ideas similar enough to hidden memories that they trigger new thoughts, and uncover old memories. By no means should we automatically believe a person’s claims, or even their sincerity in them, but if a work being popular was all it took to make people claim they were kin of it I would see a lot more Harry Potters, and I haven’t met one yet.

Let me ask you something: where are all these Na’vi-kin now?

Last I checked, tireanavi and tothehometree and the na’vi anti-defamation league had all been revealed as trolls.  The people who jumped on the bandwagon less than a month after the movie had been released?  A combination of fellow trolls, and fans following a fad who got trolled and who abandoned their new “identity” after that was revealed.  I’m not currently aware of even one Na’vi-kin still active in the community, much less one that joined the community during that time period.  Which really undermines most of your points in this essay.

As I said at the time:

My biggest problems with Na’vi-kin
(utterly apart from the number of people adopting it as a persona to troll the community, which seems to be the most common)

Avatar premiered on December 10th in London. December 18th in the US. It is now January 28th. In one month and 11 days (less, actually, since many of these na’vi-kin entered the community earlier than today) has there really been enough time to explore your connection to the archetype of the na’vi? Of the fiction-kin I respect, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen that kind of rapid reaction. Instead, I see them going through long phases of denial before the connection becomes too overwhelming to ignore.

And even then, the reaction is not “how right it all seems”, as seems common with the current batch of Na’vi-kin. The reaction, almost invariably, is how much the fictional source diverges from their actual experience. Part of the actual exploration is taking it deeper than the words on the page or the images on the screen. I’m not seeing that so far.
That remains my position on the subject.  And to this day, I still haven’t seen even one supposed Na’vi-kin who has done that type of deep exploration.  Who has gone beyond the two-dimensional stereotypes of indigenous cultures paraded about in the world’s most expensive remake of Fern Gully and could actually talk about what it was to BE a particular individual Na’vi — how one tribe differed from another, how one family differed from another, how it felt to bond with their mounts, what it actually meant to be connected to one another through the tree of souls, whether they experienced Eywa as a classic personal deity or something more impersonal/less akin to consciousness as we know it,  who can talk about the dangerous wildlife of Pandora, and how its existence fit in with the idea of every living thing on that planet being connected to one another through Eywa, who can talk about other Na’vi who were not all just the epitome of the “noble savage”, and so on.  Have you?
Sometimes a fad is just a fad.

Yes, we’re still having it on the 5th.  However, the restaurant we were going to have it at has had a fire and is still undergoing repairs — found this out on Sunday when I tried to go there.  So, venue change - we’re going to have it at Tequila Grande in Vienna, VA instead.  http://www.tequilagrande.com/

Hi everyone, this is just a quick reminder to let you all know that the next Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup will take place on August 10, 2013 at Meaza on Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA.  
At this time, 6 people have RSVPed for the event including one coming from as far away as Philadelphia.  9 others have said they may be coming.  So this is looking to be one of our larger meetups.

We’ll be starting at 6pm, and going until at least 8pm possibly later if people want to.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend, so we can have an accurate count to give the wait staff for our table(s).  You can reach me at jarandhel@gmail.com as always, or via instant messenger: I’m TrickstersSon on AIM and jarandhel@gmail.com on Google talk.  I have a smart phone again, so last minute RSVPs are ok, and rides from the metro can be arranged if necessary but the more notice on that sort of thing the better.

Also, just in case you have trouble finding us when you get there, here is a link to a page with a photo of me so you can recognize me: http://anotherwiki.org/wiki/Jarandhel_Dreamsinger  The restaurant staff will not know what you are talking about if you ask them about an otherkin meetup, they just know us as a group of friends who eat there together. Our general policy is discretion, and not involving the staff or other patrons in our spirituality without their consent.

Hope to see folks there!

Freshly updated.  Removed some defunct resources, added new ones, added some links to wiki areas that list further resources (particularly the gathers section.)

Since the March anniversary of AnOtherWiki I haven’t really been doing much with it beyond updating the event listings.  Frankly, it took a lot of work to meet the target number of articles on time, and I needed a bit of a break and a breather to work on other projects.  That break is now over, and I’m again beginning work in earnest on the wiki. 

One change, perhaps the biggest, is that AnOtherWiki is no longer hosted on a subdomain of Dreamhart.org but rather has its own domain: AnOtherWiki.org  All old urls should properly forward to their respective articles on the new domain; if there are any problems with that please let me know.

Another is that I have, for now, decided to remove the Featured Article section.  In time that may be restored, but I think that the random article links and the did you know section adequately showcase the contents of the wiki at present.  Besides, with no one nominating articles to be featured the selection has been somewhat arbitrary.  I’d like to save featured articles for when it can actually mean something and stand as an achievement for an article to be showcased that way.

I’m also making a push towards getting more community involvement in the wiki.  At this time I’ve sent out some messages asking groups and individuals if they would be interested in writing articles for the wiki about their kintypes.  So far I’ve approached windigowaks, Tuatha de Danaan, Brinn/Kon’yrii, and Leannan Sidhe.  I’ve also asked the fivetrees mailing list if anyone there would be interested in writing an article about Guardians for the wiki, as there has been a good bit of overlap between the two communities in the past.  I’ll probably be approaching others soon - I’m going to see if I can find current contacts for polymorphs and Rissti, for instance.

We could also use a lot of help cataloging otherkin websites and other resources, writing about influential persons and groups, making a glossary of community jargon and terms from remembered languages, and just generally expanding the content we have.  We’ve planted the seeds of a great encyclopedia by, for, and about our community.  Now let’s help it grow.



Who here is a Therian, Otherkin, or Fictionkin who doesn’t feel species dysphoria? I’m really curious.

No dysphoria.

concerning your dysphoria post, i was wondering about vampire-kin, which i am. I never feel this, because they're very similar (becides the fang thing, which is jjust a myth) but i was wondering do you know others who feel this?
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

Are you talking about the real vampire community (psychic, sanguinarian, etc) or are you talking about fictionkin who identify with specific fictional portrayals of vampires?  I’m not aware of any members of the real vampire community experiencing dysphoria.  As for fictionkin, I haven’t run into enough fictionkin vampires to really say whether it’s common for them or not.  I would not say fictionkin as an overall group have reported more dysphoria than the rest of the otherkin community.


my theriotypes are from reincarnation. my fictive types, i feel, are not. 

I wish there were a clean way to split this into a separate thread on tumblr.  Anyway, question - if you don’t attribute your fictive types to reincarnation, what do you attribute them to?

Well, tonight was the Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup again.  This was our fourth meetup since the change from Sticks and Stones (a local pagan shop) to local restaurants as the venue for the meetup, and so far it’s been a bit of a mixed bag.

Read More

Meetup Reminder - Saturday, December 8th at 6pm at the Lost Dog Cafe here in Merrifield, VA:https://plus.google.com/106024800889702113944/about?gl=us&hl=en

If you’re driving, park in the garage - it’s free and there are plenty of spaces.  If you park in the gravel lots you will get towed.  
Also, if you’ve never come to one of these before and don’t already know what I look like, a recent photo of me so you can find our group is available here: http://anotherwiki.dreamhart.org/wiki/Jarandhel_Dreamsinger
Look forward to seeing folks there!


Consider this an educational experience.

Just posting (again) that I know the people involved in the FF7 House stuff and can confirm that it’s true.  Renee/Hojo/Metatron/etc ran the angelkin mailing list prior to me (though I’d previously been a co-mod under another owner) and I’m still cleaning up the mess.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
After having done some research, I don't think the Sarah Saga is real. I found Catherine's journal, and there is no indication to be had that she had monetized a cult or a following of any kind. My best guess is that someone knew her, and decided to create a fictionalized "crazy Fictionkin" story based on her. Ever since the FF7 House story cropped up, more unverified and questionable tales about it have appeared. I think someone was just having fun with it.
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

Crazy soulbonder, actually, not fictionkin.  But otherwise I tend to agree. 


Hey, so I have a really personal request that would be super awesome if any of you could get to me. I know it’s kind of strange, but hear me out.

I posted this on my main blog, but I think I’ll get more results here. I’m doing a creative writing project in which I find people and either they or I write a six word story about how they identify and then I put it in a collage thing I’m doing. 

And I don’t have any otherkin, really. Or anything. So if any of you could take a picture of yourself and somehow incorporate a six word story about how you identify and then send it over, that would be really wonderful and it would mean a lot to me. 

All I need is your photo and the six word story in the photo somehow. You’ll be entirely anonymous unless you want to tell me a bit about yourself so I can make a note of it for the project. You can even hide your face if you want. I just really need it soon, okay?

Uh yea. 

I’m looking for any of the following

  • otherkin
  • fictionkin
  • gay/lesbian/pansexual/bisexual/whathaveyous
  • pretty much any identity that isn’t straight cis male (already have one of those), bisexual cis female (also have one of those), genderfluid DFAAB (have one of those), or male crossdresser (got one of those, too.). 


I hope you, and anyone thinking of responding to you, realizes that this could pose a problem for people.  They would, effectively, be outing themselves.  Think a Facebook photo of yourself drunk makes it hard to get a job these days? Try one outing you as otherkin, fictionkin, etc etc.

I’m not saying don’t do it, my own photo is quite public in connection with what I identify as.  But don’t do it if you have any interest in keeping your identity and your face separate online.  If you wouldn’t be able to handle the fallout in your personal or professional life from this image going public, don’t send it.