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I’ve seen more posts and heard more about things like barking, growling, howling, etc. in public.

For me, although I may very much want to do something, I never act on it when the situation is inapropriate. Yes, you may want to bark at and/or chase people, but you have to know how to control…

In case you didn’t know, therian gatherings have occured in the past :) they are called “Howls”.

No, I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me! ^_^

A number of them are listed here: http://anotherwiki.org/wiki/List_of_Upcoming_Community_Events

Other good places to check are meetup.com, werelist.net, wulfhowl.com, and werebeastcommunity.proboards.com, though I try to include the ones listed in those locations on the wiki whenever possible.

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East Windsor, CT. PA is a huge state.

The closest one I know of to you, currently, is probably mine in Harrisburg.  But it’d be ridiculously far for you to come, and I don’t know of anyone coming from your area that could offer a ride.

I’d suggest asking on the Tri-State Otherkin mailing list (NY, NJ, CT) if there’s anything more local.  Possibly also the Boston Otherkin Gathers mailing list, and the Maine Vampyres and Otherkin list too, since they may be aware of gathers or meetups in CT.  If there’s really nothing in your area, you may also be able to use these lists to start one yourself - just pick a location you can get to, and invite folks.  Restaurants or public parks make good choices.

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Im broke and jobless and cant drive.

What area are you in?  There might be one within walking or public transportation distance, and not all of them charge fees.  I’m running one in late July in the Harrisburg, PA area that can easily be reached via public transport and the only charge is $20 for food for the weekend.  Others meet at restaurants, and there’s no real obligation to join everyone who is eating.  You can just get a soda or something.  There are even some that meet in public parks.  You also might be able to find people in the same area willing to give you a ride.



i’m not joking i live on an acre and a half with woods and a pond and stream plz come ok?


Why wait for “someday”?  We have lots, already scheduled, around the US and a couple in the UK.  A full list of all the ones I know about is available on the main page of AnOtherWiki, and anyone can add more.  If you need help adding yours, don’t hesitate to ask. :)


Xe sent me an ask to say it was listed on Otherkin Gathering Network (the werelibrary page), and the only thing there in the UK was indeed Elemental Gathering. Now that I look at its website and Facebook page, it looks to me something more like a “faery festival” - more along the lines of Faerieworlds or Faeriecon, albeit smaller.

It’s definitely similar to a faery festival, but I think the fact that the invitation is extended to “all elemental beings” rather than to anyone interested in faeries puts it solidly in the nonhuman events category.  I’d compare it to the faeids, and to the similar events held at Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary by the Elflore Family.  


Well, it is listed in the Otherkin Gather Network.

Yeah, it’s listed there because chasingcaribou took the gathers listed on AnOtherWiki at the time and used them to seed the list.  I added it to AnOtherWiki originally because a friend of mine stumbled across it on Facebook.  The organizers and attendees, however, aren’t really associated with the otherkin community and probably wouldn’t recognize the term otherkin.  They seem to have arisen as a parallel community, similar to the faeids.  

Previously in UK there was the EuroHowl, and in the 2000’s there was a smaller group as well near Scotland.

There have been a few UK gathers in the past.  One in Hastings and another in Castle Park… those were ages ago, though.  I haven’t heard of anything recent, and the UK Otherkin mailing list hasn’t had activity since 2009.  I haven’t heard of any non-therian gathers in continental Europe.

UK has been troublesome to travel to if you’re trans and don’t have the “proper” pronouns on your ID card (and it became worse since 9/11), and I want to move away from the UK-centric history of therian gathers. ‘Plus the therian community is enough English-speaking-centric as it is culture-wise.

I encourage the people who want an all-purpose general otherkin gather, or a UK-based meet-up, to start themselves the projects they want to see; different gathers aren’t mutually exclusive. :) I’d like to try and meet up with european therians and related animal’kin, so that’s the sort of event I will focus on.

That’s fine.  I can’t speak for silveth, but my interest was mainly in finding out if there was already an active UK general otherkin gather I didn’t know about yet.



Hey, therians and animal-kin from Europe, where are you? I know a couple of you but not enough to start some European gather (*glances at Susitar?*).

The plan:
- it’s been too long since the EuroHowl happened in the 90’s
- I’m not interested in a general non-animal otherkin gather (this already exists in the UK)*

Curious, what is the UK event you’re thinking of? Sometimes I find myself wishing I knew something to recommend to UK folks.

Likewise.  The only active UK event I know of is the Elemental Gathering, which isn’t really connected with the Otherkin community.