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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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Ever since I was younger, well about ten or so years old (as that’s the farthest back I can truly remember things) folks have acted odd towards me. I don’t know if it’s related to being ‘kin or anything, and it’s usually with adults (I’m more open around them) but they always, always start gushing over me. Saying I’m so nice, that I’m a great kid, that I’m really polite and they always give me things! Like I met one of my aunts around December and she had this whole Christmas village set up. I was looking around and she started giving me things. A little toy gingerbread house that she knitted. Some stuffed Mr and Mrs. Claus things, and pure silver in the shape of a bag with Christmas presents in them. 

I really don’t see myself the way others see me; I find myself horrible, and I truly mean that. But that’s due to past occurrences that happened long before Tumblr. Even though I’d done them with a good reason; I still hate myself for doing them. (nothing truly bad, but I regret it a bit.)

But on another note. Weird coincidences happen. My mother was told she couldn’t have any more children before she had me. My dad wished for a child, a girl (AH), and then my mother became pregnant with me. Before I moved to the town where I am, my best friend had wished/prayed (something of the sort) for a friend to come. The class afterwords I arrived and we became best friends. 

Just some odd things that happened.

Putting a question under read more! I’d love if someone could answer.

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It really depends on the walkin.  Some can remember things from “in between” lives, others just remember the previous life and this one and nothing in between.  The same is true for reincarnates, actually.  Some remember a time between lives, others don’t.  I’m in the latter category, myself.  I have memories of other lives, and memories of this one, but the time in between is a blank.  Hope that helps.

Edit: I just saw someone else’s response to you and I realized I may have misinterpreted what you were asking.  You mean memories of events that happened to the body, not to the spirit, from before they came here?  Yes, some walk-ins can access the biological memory of the time before they were present, almost like using a shared hard drive.  Others have difficulty doing this.