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When my Google+ profile was unsuspended and I was finally able to start exploring the new communities feature there I was pleasantly surprised to find someone making this new resource available for multiples.


More research shows how dissociative identity disorder just doesn’t hold up









“For people who suffer from it, this disorder is ultimately a way to express distress,” McNally said. “Cultures provide certain envelopes for people to express suffering or psychological pain and DID is one such cultural trope. In the 19th century, women would do that by getting the ‘vapors’ and swooning — you don’t see that anymore. Quite frankly, I don’t think much would be lost if the diagnosis were eliminated from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual — people will simply begin expressing their suffering in different ways that are more tractable to treatment.”

Much like UFO abduction stories that are often created to mask trauma or loss, the incidents of multiple personalities didn’t grow until it was popularized by a book and two movies in the 70s.

As psychologist Richard Wiseman puts it, multiple personality disorder is probably a myth.

Tell that to my alters

So you saying that I don’t exist? I am male alter in female body. Tell that to our alters as well as theirs.

so Im not real?

Im so confused

Think its more a case of people trying to find logical and ‘scientific’ basis for things they just can’t open their tiny minds to.  Oh i can’t see it, hear it or smell it therefore it mustn’t exist… Following that reasoning, wind shouldn’t exist and neither should space. Some people just can’t accept things that are out of their own control or above their level of understanding so they try to knock others’ down to their level. Bullying 101 really. 

beautiful. love it.

yeah dont let a little thing like science come between u and ur persecution complex rp its clearly US who are the problem here.

so pretty much this is some 13-year-old taking a break from dressing up their ten separate gaia accounts to type their little fingies off at the bad lady oppressing them

Wind can be measured, and the lack of air in space can also be measured.  Alternate personalities?  Not so much, as far as I’m aware.

That being said, it’s really hard to measure the brain effectively, particularly from person to person.  I’d be very interested to see some studies done on DID.  Not even in an attempt to ‘cure’ it, but I tend to raise my eyebrows when what evidence there is for existence is absolutely entirely anecdotal, and I’d like some scientific evidence for existence.  I’m a skeptic.  It’s how my brain works.  

But this isn’t dismissal, it’s a challenge.  If, say, two personalities showed up differently under an MRI of brain activity, that would be pretty fantastically awesome.

From my personal experience, I’ve known multiples who exhibit different alcohol tolerances with different people fronting.  One will get drunk on a few glasses of wine, another can drink someone who is a heavy drinker and has a much larger physical body than themselves under the table.  I’ve also found multiples to carry stress in their body differently depending on who is fronting - one will mostly carry it in their shoulder blades, another will carry it in their lower back and neck.  That’s anecdotal, however.  Here’s a more medical perspective:

”Multiples exhibit some remarkable medical phenomena.” Dr. Putnam said. He gives the example of one patient who reacted normally to a sedative drug in one personality, but was totally unaffected by it in another.

”Some multiples carry several different eyeglasses, because their vision changes with each personality,” said Bennett Braun, who directs a unit devoted to treating multiple personalities at the Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Braun reports the case of a young woman who in one personality was colorblind for blue and green, a problem that ended with the successful treatment of her multiple-personality condition. Another woman, admitted to a hospital for diabetes, baffled her physicians by showing no symptoms of the disorder at times when one personality, who was not diabetic, was dominant. A young man was allergic to citrus fruit in some personalities, but not in others.

Research on brain patterns of multiples has produced data of unusual promise. Dr. Braun reports the case of a woman who, at one point in her treatment, manifested four personalities. Brain wave measurements showed each had a distinct pattern of brain function. After her successful treatment, when these four personalities were blended into a single, integrated one, the remaining pattern was still distinct from any one of the previous four.

”The difference between the personalities were significantly greater than normal people simulating other personalities could produce,” said Monte Buchsbaum, a research psychiatrist at the University of California at Irvine, who collaborated on the study. ”The personalities looked like completely different people.”


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Any of you guys have some?
I’m referring to meta/phantom wings, wings your kin doesn’t only have in your headspace/the image you have of it in your mind but wings you are aware of as if they were an actual body part of yours, wings you can feel, maybe even move.
We do have a pair of decent size (as in, they’re HUGE), and more often than not they’re a burden in the human world.
Most of the time we have to keep them folded in order to fit through doors. Even bigger rooms don’t allow us to spread them fully because we don’t want to knock over furniture. And I’m not going to even start talking about sitting in a car.
We’re in constant pain because of that, even when we’re not aware of them. Our shoulders hurt every day when we wake up and throughout the day, and we’ve had a hunchback for years without any apparent medical reason.
Do any of.you otherkin out there experience similar things (also with other phantom limbs)? How do you deal with it?

Your wings are not physical, they’re not going to knock over furniture or prevent you from going through doors.  They’ll pass right through those things.  If you’re feeling like they’re cramping up from being kept folded all the time, try unfolding them.  Spread your wings.

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We have a submission! Please not this is NOT necessarily my opinion, but I’m posting it for discussion.

There are plenty of reasons not to like the idea of transcorporeality. There’s erasure, misinformation, fundamental differences

Let’s look at the LGBTQetc community. Lesbian, gay, bisexual,…

I agree with every word of this.


I read it many years ago. It was written by a (hypno! !)therapist, or at least with a ton of input from him since it features A LOT not from The Troops POV (in the 80s!) who made money from it based on therapy with a woman who showed no symptoms until after receiving therapy. The book also is peppered with ESP.

From what I can find about it, the book was written by the Troops without input from the therapist.  The parts apparently written from the therapist’s point of view were based on the Troops belief that they could read minds, including his.  A belief the therapist appears to have shared, as his response when questioned about it was that they read minds.  

Whether you believe this and other accounts of their ESP or not, it’s clear that they did and an accurate account of their experience would reflect that.  It also doesn’t seem to be the case that they presented no symptoms prior to therapy, at least judging by the reviews I’ve been reading - in fact, it indicates that they entered therapy in part because of their symptoms.  And the vast majority of their therapy sessions do not appear to have taken place under hypnosis - the main use of hypnosis mentioned by the reviewers is the creation of a holding area for examining negative memories without allowing them to affect the system.

It’s hard to prove if some things really did or did not happen, but it has a lot going against it.

 As I said, I haven’t read it myself, but the impression I get from reading the various reviews linked from Astraea’s Web (including the extensive review by Jay Young and Anthony Temple) is overall much more positive, and that the account is quite credible.  It’s even the first account to include details of common multiple experiences - cofronting and coawareness, though those terms were not used.  It was also the first to use the term “frontrunning”, a precursor to simply “fronting” which most multiples in the empowered multiplicity community use today.  Details like these make, to my mind, a strong case for taking the book seriously.

Also, I never had the impression that Truddi lived happily ever after.

That doesn’t strike me as a negative.  Which of us live happily ever after, in the real world?  I’d rather see an accurate account of a non-integrated multiple who lived successfully without integrating, but not “happily ever after”, than I would a fairy tale narrative with a happy ending.


Woah woah woah. I do not know about the one, but definitely “When Rabbit Howls ” is not a book you want to stand up as a credible resource.

Care to elaborate?  According to the information on Astrea’s Web and the article on Wikipedia about the author, it is a genuine autobiography of a multiple system that chose to avoid integration while going on to live a successful life.  I personally haven’t read it, but I’ve heard of no reason to think it is not a credible account of one system’s experience of multiplicity.  I would be interested in any data that contradicts that interpretation.


i suspect because being in a “healthy multiple system” (not to be confused with MPD or DID) is reserved for unemployed tumblr addicts and has never been supported by certified medical professionals or academics ever.

Some have. Crisses, the owner of kinhost.org, for example, is writing a series of books on the subject http://thecrissinglink.com/Main/Books  The first book in the series is already available.

I would also look at the books listed here: http://astraeasweb.net/plural/books.html  While many are written by non-multiples, there are a number that are autobiographical.  Even of multiple systems who choose not to integrate.  ”When Rabbit Howls” is one such book.  ”Ann’s Multiple World of Personality” is another.  

1. For all intents and purposes, this body is participated in by a group. This group has an organized means of operation and will continue in whichever way is best for the group. This is to be measured by emotional, mental, and physical health of all members incorporated in said group.

2. We agree that our ongoing intent is to function at or beyond the level of any other average individual in the society around us, being aware of our own needs and requirements and taking our own action to fulfill them without requiring external government. As long as we follow this agreement, we can be counted upon to be aware of our own state of beings and to be interested in our interactions with society. Until we prove ourselves to be incapable of maintaining our basic physical needs, we are to assumed to be as capable as any other physical body out there.

3. If we cannot restrain an individual’s behavior, we must still bear the results of said behavior and address it if it has been decided to be a problem. We agree that the group will take the consequences of the group. It is up to the group to govern and accept the consequences of the group’s behavior though there may be individual action that was not representative of the whole.

4. As long as we perform at a functional level, it is our right to decide when and where we require external assistance. We agree that it is the responsibility of the group to remain functional. If, at any time, the group is not on a balanced keel, it is up to us to take action to repair this.

5. We agree that the group is expected to have the necessary checks and balances to maintain a level of functionality and well-being. We are expected to know when and how to manage the needs and desires of the group’s members. We do not need to seek treatment for the existence of those we may not like, but we agree to do so if their actions cannot be maintained and watched over by the group.

6. As long as this agreement is carried by this group, we will hold not only those of us we know of to it, but also those we do not. All members of this group can and will be held to this declaration’s intent if they are to interact with matters externally and of the whole. If at any time, we undergo a dramatic enough shift to warrant a redecision of keeping to this agreement, it is our duty to declare that the affirmation is no longer applicable and to reestimate said agreement and restate if necessary. If enough of the group does not agree to the standard, it must be canceled.

7. As long as we participate in the external world, we will remember to respect other people for how they present themselves to us, regardless of if they are singlet or plural to whichever degree. We will not measure ourselves against other people in terms of rankings of superiority therein. We will measure them upon the grounds of how they interact with us and should be able to expect the same courtesy from them.

8. Until that time, we declare that we can be counted on to operate with the goal of being a functional member of society in mind and should be given the proper status therein, unrestricted by the nature of our essential state. Those who interact with us can expect that we operate with these standards in play and will willingly repair problems if they arise. We will take our consequences for the group and will behave accordingly.

Two Courts, “In Essence Agreement

Everyone, whether multiple or not, has it rough sometimes. Without pain, trials and obstacles, we will never grow stronger. Learning how to cope with problems is what makes it easier to handle them next time round. Running away from the trigger issues will not help us to grow or to learn, and living life through trigger warnings and virtual hugs will not enable us to become more functional. By passing the blame onto others for our triggers we are empowering them, and disempowering ourselves. I get uncomfortable with all those people offering me hugs and healing and sympathy. It’s like they’re feeling sorry for me because they think I’m sick and disordered. But on the other hand I’m trying to regard it all as being not a disorder, and that’s contradictory to the impression given by these well-meaning people offering the healing and the hugs.

An old essay but a good one, and one that I think some folks here on Tumblr could benefit from reading.