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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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thetcf replied to your post: bullshit-incorporated: Do you know i…

And of the two oldest Otherkin on tumblr, he doesn’t “== *Swishes into the room to say something ridiculously condescending.*”

You’re leaving out silveth and sylvereapleanan; both are older than myself, active in tumblr’s kin community, and don’t do that.  There are probably others that I’m not remembering off the top of my head as well.  And a few who are on tumblr but explicitly avoiding the kin community here so I’ll spare them from being dragged into this.

Edit: actually, I think Miniar is older than me too IIRC?Nope, nearly two years younger.


This list was not written by me, however the person who did write it I share a bit of personal gnosis with.

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Reblogging this for silveth, because I think if she hasn’t seen it already she should.  She’ll know why.

silveth reblogged your post: Weekly Otherkin Chat

Tip your chanop, we’ll be here all week! Srsly tho. Of course IRC channels are open all the time. I wonder if it might…

LOL, remember though we’re old hands at IRC.  A lot of the people here on tumblr may not be and may not realize that IRC channels are persistent environments.

Having other people hosts chats on other nights might be an idea, but I’m not sure how much it’s needed.  Right now there are six people in channel, and I’m not one of them, so there’s no dearth of activity on “off days”.  And I think sending out notices of a chat more frequently is liable to just annoy people.


Ah, ok, I missed that. Mea culpa. You’re right, that’s a pretty crap thing to do.

*nods* Can’t say I was surprised, though.  This is the kind of behavior I’ve come to expect from the “journalists”… and I use the term loosely… who target the otherkin community.

*chuckles* Be honest, it was mostly the “14 years” thing, huh? ;-)

The number was telling, yeah.

*grins* Thought so. :)





So, I was stalking various therian posts the other day and came across one which mentioned moonstone being helpful in shifting (mental and phantom, no werefoxes here guys <3). I saw no other mention of it online, but figured it had something to do with how moonstone is said to enhance psychic and intuitive powers.

Most of the sources which claim it’s good for that are based on the movie-image of werewolves changing form during the full moon.  They extrapolate from that to the idea that a stone associated with the moon would also aid shifting.  Actual gem and mineral lore would suggest Cinnabar as one of the best choices to aid in mental or phantom shifting, though care should be taken with it as it is an ore of mercury.

Hmmm, if you’re going on the Mercurial planetary association, then perhaps… but how about dreams? illusion? a general association of the moon with magical power (if one has one)? Fluidity? And the link about psychic or intuitive powers isn’t necessarily irrelevant for shifting.

The only article I have listed in my Directory of Otherkin Writings that discusses moonstone in relation with therianthropy is Yaiolani’s Moonstone FAQ. Yaiolani says that old folklore said that werewolves used moonstones, and that it’s not just from  twentieth century novels and horror movies. I don’t know whether Yaiolani is right about that. So much of what we think we know about old werewolf folklore turns out to have been invented in Hollywood. In any case, folklore about the mystical properties of moonstone do sound compatible with the likely intents of therianthropes, in my opinion. Interested persons should check Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic for folklore about moonstone. Vixengold, what are your sources? 

Wow… that is a terrible FAQ by Yaiolani on moonstone.  Not a single source cited, not even an example of moonstone appearing in actual werewolf lore rather than fiction, just the claim that it did sometimes.

Cunningham’s isn’t a bad book but I haven’t found it as useful as the Book of Stones or even Love is In the Earth.  I also question some of its associations, such as the claim that moonstone is associated with quartz crystal and silver.  Gardening and dieting also seem like odd associations for moonstone which I have not seen elsewhere.  And grounding seems quite the opposite of moonstone’s qualities.

Roslyn Greene’s Magic of Shapeshifting claims (without citation) that moonstone is the stone most often associated with shapeshifting and that there are legends which say anyone can become a werewolf by carrying a moonstone that has been inscribed or charged in a specific ritual.  It goes on to claim that many shifters say moonstone helps their shifting, and that they consider it more effective than wolf belts or any other magic tool.  Other stones recommended by Greene are Rose Quartz (which she claims is traditionally known as wolf stone), amber (which she claims is traditionally known as lynx stone), cats-eye, tigerseye, and blue tigerseye (which she calls hawks-eye). 

The featured article on AnOtherWiki for the month of September is Mythicalia.  Hope this year’s gather exceeds all your expectations, silveth. :)



Kai, aka Felkes, attempted to edit the AnOtherWiki article on TheDarkEricDraven this evening to insert the following:

It should be noted that TheDarkEricDraven is a nonpracticing pedophile, he has never committed any sexual acts of any kind to (or on) a child/minor. He is simply attracted to children and nothing more.

This is, of course, the same narrative that Draven himself wishes to create - that he is a pedophile, and that’s ok, because he claims to be nonpracticing.  Despite the logs which exist of him grooming someone he believed to be a 13 year old girl and asking her if she watched porn.

Kai’s comments and my response may be viewed here.

As I think I’ve made clear, the wiki WILL NOT be manipulated to try to make pedophilia seem acceptable.  Objective does not mean giving equal weight to every position - some things are just wrong.  Pedophilia is one of them. 

Can you lock the article like they do with certain pages on Wikipedia?

I can.  So far, I’d prefer not to do so because I’d like to leave the article open for others to contribute more information as it develops.  Instead, I’ve warned Kai and rolled back her edits, re-blocked Draven, and enabled some features which should curtail Draven’s use of TOR (and other proxies) for ban-evasion.  I’m also notified of new changes to that article or its talk page, as well as edits by new users in general.  I’m not particularly worried.


jarandhel answered your question: I really want to go to MythicCalia, but is it…

For what it’s worth, I’d pay $45 just to see Arethinn and her mate, regardless of any other attendees. But I’m in VA. :(

I really want to go, but I’m still living with my parents and they say no so… I also think that that is right before my classes start, so I’m really sad about this… La Honda is literally like 30 minutes away from my house too! Not fair!

I wonder if i could just… drop by for a day and not stay the night… >.>

Missed seeing this.  I’d ask Arethinn/silveth if I were you.  I’ve tagged this with her name, so hopefully that will get her attention.  If not, pm her.  She’s usually pretty good with working things out with people, though if you’re a minor (unclear from your post) she may not want you there without parental approval.  But it can’t hurt to ask.

silveth answered your question: Regional Otherkin Mailing Lists

I suggest creating a “multi-region lists” category and then on each group’s page, list the various “chapter lists.

Ooh, that’d work.  Hehe, and my next question was going to be if I create a new category for them what should I call it… that’s perfect. :)

Silveth, ChasingCarabou, and Reimaden, I think I’m mostly looking at you here, but it’s an open question to anyone who thinks an otherkin shelter/community center/etc is necessary and that people would travel to visit it, wherever it got set up:

When’s the last time you traveled to visit Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary?

I mean, this is a space that was set up in 1987.  It was specifically described as “the green havens for elfinfolk”.  But you know what?  I don’t hear much about otherkin — elves or otherwise — going there.  There was a little contact many years back, around 2003 or so, but it seemed to just die out before anything came of it.  A largely parallel community, the faeids, grew out of one of the gathers there.  But there’s relatively little overlap between our two communities.

If otherkin aren’t willing to make the trip to a major sanctuary which specifically has “Wild Magick Gathering” and “Elf Fest” among its festivals, I don’t see many making a trip to a much smaller community center.