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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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Hello hello pleaase teach me about otherkin! I'm so uneducated ;o;
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

Small correction - the otherkin community did not originate in 1972.  Small groups of people identifying as elves came together at that time, mostly through pagan newsletters - the EQD and the Silver Elves were examples of this.  But the actual otherkin community as we know it did not form until March 1990, with the founding of The Elfinkind Digest mailing list, and was an online community like the therian community.  It was on that list that the term otherkin was itself coined in April, 1990.

The disconnect between the earlier groups who considered themselves elves and the online otherkin community is perhaps best illustrated by this quote from sylvereapleanan:


Haha well, that’s a broad request!

I’ve gotta do a disclaimer of the fact that I’m one person, don’t have all the answers, and I’ll link to a whole bunch of different stuff in an attempt to balance out my opinion with a range of other people. I’ve only been involved in the therian community for five years, and I have relatively low contact with the otherkin community.

I’m perhaps the wrong person to ask about otherkin, to be honest. As a community, they’re really not my area - I could spout off a history of the therian community, popular blogs, the best forums, articles and etc from the top of my head, but not so much with otherkin ^.^’. I’ll do my best though, and if I have any otherkin followers, please do feel free to jump in, add stuff, correct me and offer information!

I have no idea how much you know already, so I’ll cover the basics and a few extra things, and if you have any questions please feel free to send me an ask - it’ll help! For instance if you’re specifically interested in the origin of the otherkin community, I should probably answer a separate ask about that, and then another one for shifting, then another one for beliefs about causation, my personal therianthropy/beliefs, and so on and so forth.

Otherkin: A person who (partially or fully) identifies on a non-physical level (be that spiritually, psychologically, mentally, etc) as non human.
Therian: A person who (partially or fully) identifies on a non-physical level (be that spiritually, psychologically, mentally, etc) as (a) non human (Earth) animal(s)

Other terms that might be of interest: fictive, factive, multiple, theriomythic, polykin, polymorph, sun/syntherian, contherian, cladotherian, polytherian, were, animal-person.

Sometimes people identify as both, and there is some blurring of lines; for instance, people who identify as animalistic otherkin (phoenixes, dragons, gryphons, to name a few) sometimes find they fit in better with the therian community than with the otherkin (and might go by therian or theriomythic accordingly). Identities are quite a mixed bag and often down to personal preference, certainly more so than you’d perhaps expect.

The two communities originated separately, which is a point people often miss. The therian community, or at least the ones we’re aware of, was established around the mid-1990’s, originating on the forum alt.horror.werewolves which was created in 1992. The otherkin community originated around 1972, much earlier, but this was among people who identified as Elves, specifically. This includes groups such as the Elf Queen’s Daughters, and most prominently the Silver Elves. Interestingly the draconic/dragon identified community also started seperately with alt.fan.dragons in 1994.

There’s also a little bit of overlap with the starseed/alien-identified community and the vampiric community, the latter primarily more involved with the therian community and the former more the otherkin community.

Here’s some links to get you going! Please do ask if you have any more questions, although maybe a little more specific, as I feel I could probably write a book in an attempt to summarise the entire premise of otherkin and therianthropes ^.^

The topics I’m (fairly) good at regarding therianthropy are to do with clinical lycanthropy (personal interest of mine) and subjective experiences of therianthropy. I’m really interested in the intersections of therianthropy and mental health, therianthropy and conditions such as autism, therianthropy and gender (and sexuality), as well as psychological and neurobiological explanations for therianthropy.

Wulf Howl
Therian Guide
Otherkin Community

Useful Sites
AnOther wiki
Scribner’s Writings/Directory and Otherkin Timeline
Therian Timeline
Project Shift

Blog/Essay/Writing Sites
Thébaïde by liminalbeast
Animal Quills
Between Forest and Sea by House of Chimeras
Radiant Obscurities by Sonne
The Sanctuary by Sonne (her own writings)
The Tyger’s Den by TygerWolfe
Being Lion
Feather and Flame by Meirya
Birds of a Feather

Specific Writings (that I love/are important)
Feathers (remains my favourite forever) by Meirya
On polytherianthropy
Warning signs that a site/group/individual are unhealthy
On Alphas
Shift Happens (3)
Psychological Therianthropy
That Pack Thing by Paleo
Interview with a therian by Savage

Oh, and here are two sites of academic groups that are currently researching therianthropy and might be worth keeping an eye on - the TRG and the Anthropomorphic Research Project. Also there’s THETA, which is intended for therapists of therianthropes/otherkin, but contains some pretty neat descriptions and resources regardless of who you are.

(Also my blog which you shouldn’t read because it’s oudated as all hell :P)

(And possibly, if you’re interested in history, I wrote some stuff about werewolf/shapeshifter mythology which can be found here)

The DarkFae list was already well-established when the Silver Elves showed up there. I remember they did not receive a warm welcome because of how fluffy they were. Their penchant for using first-person plural pronouns caused some list members, including Aria, DarkFae’s founder, to look askance at them because no one had heard of them and didn’t realize there were actually multiple people posting by consensus from one account.


So…….some backstory. Last night Therian Guide was hit by his spam attacks and while we temporarily closed the boards, banned his various IP addresses, banned him, and closed registration, he sent me this while I was at work today.

Jarandhel and Shiro, I’m looking to you two for help on how to deal with him. I’ve asked before and he didn’t do anything, but now I just…..I dunno. The site uses MyBB, but I was having some trouble understanding how to use it, so if you have any advice on how to use it, that’d be helpful.

Other than that, I want people to see what kind of a person this guy is. Especially one who tries to call me a carpet muncher. Really.

I see you’re using MyBB.  There are a few tools for MyBB that can help you deal with this guy.

First, limit his ability to register or log in.  These are a list of plugins to help with that:

Next, limit his ability to post even if he makes it in:

Finally, give yourself some more tools to detect him and deal with him if need be:

You probably do not need ALL of these plugins and loading them all would both slow down your board significantly and in several cases probably interfere with each other.  Play around with them and try to find the best mix.

Depending on your host, and how hard he goes into the DDoS side of things, you may also want to look into replacing apache with a combination of varnish and lighttpd.  It’s much more stable under a large load.  You may also need to consider paying for more bandwidth and/or CPU use depending on how you have things set up and how intensely he targets you.  

You should probably also keep your forum and your database backed up (preferably offline), but that’s a good practice no matter what.

Together, that should be more than sufficient to keep Dan and his “Many. Other. Methods.” from really bothering you.  He’s a minor annoyance.  Treat him like it.


People (especially older otherkin) sometimes complain that fruitful questioning is missing from today’s community, that you either get unquestioning acceptance that goes nowhere, or else everything picked apart and cruelly dismantled. Some years ago I posted something somewhere (I think in a comment on a thread in the LJ otherkin community) about a distinction between questioning with the intent to improve, and questioning with the intent to disprove. Attitude and tone are important components, and of course difficult to interpret properly in text communication.

I don’t remember if I chimed in on that original comment thread, but I find that to be a false dichotomy.  Take science for instance — it is continually improved solely by disproving false hypotheses.  The ones which are strong enough to survive are the ones that move scientific knowledge forward.  I would tend to think that the same would be true of beliefs, and the ones which can stand up to attempts to disprove them are the ones most likely to move our community forward.  


Who here is a Therian, Otherkin, or Fictionkin who doesn’t feel species dysphoria? I’m really curious.

No dysphoria.


And remember that jarandhel is a fictionkin with no understanding of the world.
Willing to bet ten years ago they used to frequent the vampire white pages telling everyone about how they’re a 600 year old vampire.

Why are you guys even bothering, seriously ?
The worst part is, its the smarter people arguing with this douchecanoe..

I’ll take that bet.

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Ok, poll time.

How many otherkin and therians here on Tumblr attribute their otherness to reincarnation?

also, how would you personally feel if someone said they think you might not be otherkin or therian because you attribute it to a past life, or don’t feel extreme discomfort with your human body?

I do, and I’d laugh in their faces given the history of past-life memories in the community.  Entire otherkin mailing lists have existed (and many continue to exist) primarily to discuss past-life memories.  Krenar Dragons, the private Elenari List, Elenari and Friends, Vorjenhunting, the Alorya list, etc.  This has been the case for a long time in the community.  Notably absent? Otherkin lists specifically to discuss body dysphoria.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You are the most awesomest smartest legitest otherkin ever and tumblr desperately needs more people like you. <3
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

I’m really fairly average among the older members of the community.  I’d like to see more experienced otherkin active on tumblr, but hey - nothing says people have to limit themselves to tumblr if they’re exploring the community either.  Check out some of the old mailing lists and the older forums like Embracing Mystery.  Here’s some links to help you connect with the otherkin community outside of tumblr:

And for some of my personal recommendations, check out http://dreamhart.org/2012/01/a-revised-otherkin-faq/

For anyone who was a fan of The Relic Hound on Etsy, the owner has moved to a new shop, Cynanthropy Crafts:

Cynanthropy Crafts is a small online shop providing a select number of craft pieces made with specific intent, for connecting with one’s animal nature. The shop itself has a specific canine focus, based on the craftsman’s personal experience. Craft pieces tend to be made from animal remains and natural history objects and remnants.

Cynanthropy Crafts does not support sport hunters, fur farms or other sources based in the torture or unnatural living of a wild animal, and you will not find the products of such items in my shop. Most of the items presented are secondhand items, cast offs, antique shop finds, or related. I do not wish to create a demand on “cast off” animal remains and put further environmental pressure on a species. All items that are products of animal remains will only be sold as “worked” or “finished” into completed craft pieces, made with intent and with an animistic focus.

The owner of Cynanthropy Crafts does not run this site for profit as its sole intention. Profit destroys species. Just because you did not pull the trigger or set the trap does not mean you are rendered blameless. “Recycled” does not always mean “ethical”. Educate yourselves, and know your sources.

This crafter does great work in both a physical and metaphysical sense, and I highly recommend checking the new shop out.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
The chat wont work for some reason? It wont load, and I keep trying every few minutes to see if it will. This happened last week as well.
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

You’re the second person to report this issue, but so far I haven’t been able to reproduce it.  What browser and operating system are you on? Are you trying to access the chat through http://dreamhart.org/chat/ or through http://my.chat.mibbit.com/home to get a larger chat screen? Previously, the problem has only been reported via the latter.  And is the chat giving any sort of visible error message, or just behaving as if you never clicked on the connect button?  Also, have you tried clearing your browser’s cache prior to reloading the page?  Lastly, one workaround that’s been found to whatever is causing this issue is to access the chat through this url: http://search.mibbit.com/search/dreamhart

To the best of my knowledge, they don’t appear in mythology anywhere.  They’re not uncommon in the therian community, though: http://ketrino.angelfire.com/essay32.html

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Hmmm, if you’re going on the Mercurial planetary association, then perhaps… but how about dreams? illusion? a general association of the moon with magical power (if one has one)? Fluidity? And the link about psychic or intuitive powers isn’t necessarily irrelevant for shifting.

The planetary (and deity) association is part of it, but there’s also other qualities it was treasured for - such as it’s fluidity in its chemical form, earning it the name “quicksilver”.  Magically, it’s used for alchemy, magic, transformation, insight, manifestation, wealth, and mental agility. To quote a bit from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian: “Cinnabar Quartz stones are talismans of the alchemical transformation from self to Self, the full manifestation of one’s spiritual blueprint, the fulfilment of the Divine pattern we carry within.” Ahsian specifically states: “Cinnabar teaches us that physicality is not as solid as it appears, but is in fact a constantly shifting and flowing expression of energy that can be manipulated and transformed.  It is a powerful stone for spiritual alchemists who wish to practice shape-shifting, magical manifestation and other types of transformation.”

As for moonstone, I’m not saying it’s necessarily the worst stone to use, but most therians and otherkin who use it for shifting aren’t using it because of these associations.  They’re using it because “Even a man who is pure of heart, and says his prayers at night, can become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the moon is full and bright.” Which is largely a modern invention. Moonstone has no inherent transformative qualities; instead it is associated with mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams, and the goddess. Also, as was noted, psychic awareness. And, of course, the moon itself.

Some other stones that may be useful for shapeshifting work are cerussite, covellite, platinum, moldavite, clear quartz, and tugtupite.


So, I was stalking various therian posts the other day and came across one which mentioned moonstone being helpful in shifting (mental and phantom, no werefoxes here guys <3). I saw no other mention of it online, but figured it had something to do with how moonstone is said to enhance psychic and intuitive powers.

Most of the sources which claim it’s good for that are based on the movie-image of werewolves changing form during the full moon.  They extrapolate from that to the idea that a stone associated with the moon would also aid shifting.  Actual gem and mineral lore would suggest Cinnabar as one of the best choices to aid in mental or phantom shifting, though care should be taken with it as it is an ore of mercury.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
A week or so ago, you made a post complaining about people using their identity as an excuse for bad behaviour. More specifically, you mentioned that there were time-tested coping strategies; I'm sorry to be a bother, but I wonder if you might point me somewhere I could learn more? I manage - just - but I could certainly stand to benefit from other perspectives.
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

Certainly, though what in particular are you having trouble with?  Mental shifts? Memories? Dysphoria? A need to feed on blood or energy?


mundane-kin reblogged your link: Something is Not Right Here: Felkes never fails to deliver. I mean seriously, what a collection of…

http://herzogwyrmsyn.tumblr.com/post/29469165679/look-at-what-we-just-got The whole chat log. Its been linked several…

Did you even read those chat logs? Not only was Eric very honest about being his pedo-fetish, but he was also upfront about the fact that he was otherkin, his types, and the fact that he was in another open relationship with a member of a plural system. The “groomed 13 year old” you people rave about is a couple young girls who read his blog and decided to conduct an in depth trolling operation by pretending to like him, pretending to be a single person, and pretending to be his girlfriend.

Eric did everything right. He was honest, he was cautious in approaching unknown topics with her, and he always asked how she was in their conversation. Most of the talk was about hobbies, likes, interests, on only maybe 3 occasions does any sexual talk ensue, and then it’s only references or statements, nothing even that explicit.

This isn’t “grooming a 13 year old” this is being played by a couple of teenage bitches and who fell apart at the end, and Eric maturely and incredibly politely took the cruel news and just let it go. These teenage brats are cursing him out, acting like typical tumblr trolls, and Eric calmly lets it slide, and that’s the end.

I don’t know how you people are managing to see the situation in such a backwards way. =/

Look you fucking idiot, Draven himself stated in that log that he hoped she wasn’t a cop from To Catch a Predator because even he, as fucked up as he is, knew that their conversation was inappropriate and could have lead to his arrest if she had, in fact, been a 13 year old.  Even he knew that he did not, in fact, “do everything right”.  How fucked up do you have to be to think that there is nothing wrong with a 16 year old asking a 13 year old if they watch porn, openly talk to said 13 year old about being a pedophile and about liking “lolis”, etc?  This is not normal, this is not mature, this is not polite, it is creepy ass grooming and if she had actually been 13 this log could have landed him in jail.  Even he knew that.  You’re the only one who doesn’t seem to get it.