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An older otherkin getting on tumblr. I'm probably going to regret this.
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A guy named adamvice came into the Otherkinsight IRC chat earlier. He proceeded to ask demographic information that seemed (increasingly) suspicious. From reading the logs that I was shown, I can see that what was asked was likely written up prior. Upon further inspection, this guy works for the video department for vice.com, and may have been conducting an unethical interview, as no prior consent had been given. He currently denies what the staff at Otherkinsight suspect, however I strongly encourage everyone to ignore this person for their own safety. This is a message posted as a precaution. What we believe may or may not be correct.

Confirmed, I just received this email:


My name is Adam, I’m from London, England.

I wanted to get in touch after coming across your site, seeing that you organise meet ups within the Otherkin/ therian community.

Something I think I should tell you off the bat, is that I work for Vice.com, a news and entertainment company. 

I’m genuinely interested in Otherkin and the worldwide community that has come to be, and please trust that I am being completely honest and forthgiving with you.

I am looking more deeply into Otherkin now aside from my own personal interest, as I believe it would be an amazing and thought provoking documentary focus, shedding a little more light on something which can often being falsely interpreted.

You should know I’m not asking anything of you, I’m not asking you to be part of this or to tell me the ins and outs of yourself and your community, I just thought from your site you seem to be quite a inviting person who might be willing to speak to me.

For the time being I’d just really like to learn a little more about Otherkin and your community as a whole, I think it’s so interesting and to be fair, I’m a little jealous.

Do you think we could have a chat about this at all?

Any questions or anything like that please tell me.


Adam Lilley


Adam Lilley

News Researcher

New North Place

London, EC2A 4JA

p: +44 (0) 207 613 8710

m: +44 (0) 771 051 6532






So…….some backstory. Last night Therian Guide was hit by his spam attacks and while we temporarily closed the boards, banned his various IP addresses, banned him, and closed registration, he sent me this while I was at work today.

Jarandhel and Shiro, I’m looking to you two for help on how to deal with him. I’ve asked before and he didn’t do anything, but now I just…..I dunno. The site uses MyBB, but I was having some trouble understanding how to use it, so if you have any advice on how to use it, that’d be helpful.

Other than that, I want people to see what kind of a person this guy is. Especially one who tries to call me a carpet muncher. Really.

I see you’re using MyBB.  There are a few tools for MyBB that can help you deal with this guy.

First, limit his ability to register or log in.  These are a list of plugins to help with that:

Next, limit his ability to post even if he makes it in:

Finally, give yourself some more tools to detect him and deal with him if need be:

You probably do not need ALL of these plugins and loading them all would both slow down your board significantly and in several cases probably interfere with each other.  Play around with them and try to find the best mix.

Depending on your host, and how hard he goes into the DDoS side of things, you may also want to look into replacing apache with a combination of varnish and lighttpd.  It’s much more stable under a large load.  You may also need to consider paying for more bandwidth and/or CPU use depending on how you have things set up and how intensely he targets you.  

You should probably also keep your forum and your database backed up (preferably offline), but that’s a good practice no matter what.

Together, that should be more than sufficient to keep Dan and his “Many. Other. Methods.” from really bothering you.  He’s a minor annoyance.  Treat him like it.

liminalbeast reblogged your link: On Promoting Dysfunction

So, lately I’ve been alerted to a big argument on the internet (always a good start) over the over people who are…

You would do well directing such a response to the author of the article, on his blog, rather than to me.  I didn’t write this, though I agree with it, and to the best of my knowledge the author is not on tumblr at this time though he is aware of it. 

And while you try to state that you do not support comparing the social struggle of those who are trans with the experience of therianthropes, the article strongly promotes the continuing appropriation of the trans narrative to describe therianthropic experience.  In your own words, which you quoted in this essay, “therianthropes could be called transpecies”.

You try to create a division that does not naturally exist: “So to summarize: equating the struggles of trans* people with that of therians is problematic; comparing gender identity and animality is usually fine; comparing trans* experiences and therian ones are okay if one is both trans*, therian and not making generalizations about others.”

And you explicitly go on to ignore that division when you state: “It is very important to remember that if trans* people had not used self-determination and self-diagnosis in the 50-60′s and on, insisting to their doctors that they would need hormones and surgery to get better, then they would certainly not have had results.”  This directly equates the experiences and struggle of trans with that of therians again in support of the idea that therians can and should self-diagnose “species identity” and “species dysphoria”.

I think the reply is spot on.

PS: Sorry about this originally going to my other account - that one is not meant for personal opinions like this, it was an error in reblogging that I didn’t catch until after I hit submit.

Some corrections - 51 people responded to this survey.  29 yes, to 22 no.  Of those respondents  one reported they clicked yes when they meant no, and five others reported that they said yes but do not in fact experience significant regular depression or discontent - the very definition of “dysphoria”, as was given in the original question asked.  Making the final, corrected tally 23 yes to 28 no.  Or, roughly 45% yes to 55% no.

That is, of course, with a sampling of 51 out of the 3,474 members of the forum, which gives us a margin of error of +/- 13.62.  And this is specifically for the population of the werelist forum itself, not for the wider therian community.


Okay so my “friend” got mad at me for turning a few people. Lets get this straight. I only turn the people who need it and are willing. I’ve saved some people from suicide. So before you go out and start saying I’m “the wolf they warn you about in fairy tales.” Just remember you’re dealing with an alpha.

Therianthropy in no way involves “turning”, willing or unwilling.  

Myth#3: If you are bitten by a were/therian you will turn into one.

Truth: This particular myth (in relation to werewolves anyway) is speculated to have been formed during the werewolf trials in france due to the outbreak of rabies, which is well known to be transmitted by bite. However, this is pure myth. Therians are born the way they are, they are not made or turned in anyway. If one was not born a Therian, I do not know of anyway to become one. Many people have tried to ‘convince’ themselves they are, or pretend that they are, but this typically does more harm than good. Eventually the individual realizes that they are not therians, suffer a somewhat traumatic identity crisis, and then leave the therian community to find their true selves.


Who here is a Therian, Otherkin, or Fictionkin who doesn’t feel species dysphoria? I’m really curious.

No dysphoria.

hi! i love your blog and its inspired me to be open with my friends about myself. i respect your opinion so much... do you know of any resources to help me deal with controlling shifts? its been a problem at school (getting restless, growling, needing to hunt or run) and I thought maybe you could direct me to something helpful! <3 if you can't I understand!
jarandhel jarandhel Said:

Tucson Otherkin Meetup is a monthly meetup for vampires, donors, otherkin, and therians in the area of Tucson, Arizona run by Sanguinarius. It takes place on the second Friday of every month, with occasional additional meetups at other times. It has been ongoing since November, 2009.

Learn more about otherkin meetups here.

Soulsearch (and keep walking) by Akhila, owner of Thébaïde

NYOtherkin is a mailing list for otherkin, vampires, and therians living in New York, to create a community where otherkin can get together and meet others. They hold monthly gatherings in various locations.

Learn more about otherkin mailing lists here.